Reasons why working with startups might be the best for freshers..-0

Reasons why working with startups might be the best for freshers..

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So you are a fresher looking for a job. While many freshers’s think starting up a career in a well reputed company will bring weightage to their resume. And yes why not..? A well reputed company is more secured for your dream’s and get your paychecks without any hassle.

Having a finger in every pie may seem like a great way to start your startup job hunt. Times are tough and good jobs are extremely difficult to come by.  Regardless of what their PR releases may say, even the country’s top educational institutes are struggling to place all their students. In such an environment where it’s not about pursuing your dream job but to get any job at all, many freshers are rushing to startups.

Startup job hunting for freshers needs dedicated focus and preparation. Here are some reasons you should consider while staring your career..

  1. It is unfortunate that as a fresher, getting a startup job will be a struggle. Everyone will seem to want experience and how will you get that if nobody gives you a job in the first place! Don’t let it bog you down. If you have the right conviction, the necessary dedication and the right approach, that startup job will be yours soon.
  2. It is not that startups don’t want to employ freshers. But let’s be practical – the number of freshers applying to startups outweighs the number of such job opportunities manifold. You need to grab every opportunity to get through to startups and those taking their hiring decisions.
  3. If the only reason you are considering a startup is because you didn’t get a job anywhere else, think again. I know it’s easy for me to preach and only someone who has graduated without a job in hand will truly understand what you are going through. That said, rushing into a startup job just because you didn’t get anything else is likely to just add to your frustration. There is a certain passion and conviction that you need for working at a startup. If the people interviewing you don’t see it (and trust me, they can), it will just mean more rejections and more frustration.

My aim is not to dissuade freshers from applying to startups. Quite on the contrary, I sincerely believe that a startup is a great platform to begin your career. All I am saying is that you need to be completely sure about wanting to work for a startup, you need to understand what kind of startup you want to work for and that if you are applying for a startup, have a compelling case for them to hire you!

The top 3 reasons that freshers join startups are:

  1. Nature of Work or Job Profile
  2. Growth Opportunities
  3. Opportunity to Create Something New.

Ask yourself – are these your reasons for joining a startup as well? But is a startup job right for you? Here are some things to consider and ask yourself..

  1. Startups don’t judge you on what you wear to work, but they WILL judge you on what you say and more so on what you do.
  2. There is no “awkward time” for making calls/ getting work done. They work 24×7. They were very hands-on. They will observe your process and identify inefficiencies, throwing up essential constructive feedback almost spontaneously.
  3. They are impulsive and value wacky ideas. They are risk-takers. In contrast, big businesses making their first videos prefer playing it safe. They take out time to teach you a thing or two about what they do.
  4. They know the value of time and money, not just theirs, but yours too. Payments are prompt, decisions are instinctively taken and there’s very little crying over split milk, if any. In short, entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to move fast and break things.
  5. Your degrees won’t buy you any brownie points, forget about the CGPA. They don’t even care if you’re not a graduate yet (we’re almost there) as long as you have a portfolio that speaks for you.

Entrepreneurs are a treasure trove of experiences. Every entrepreneur has a story. Just a meeting with an entrepreneur will leave you feeling a little bit richer as they understand the value of goodwill and relationships. Entrepreneurs are expert analysts.  Startups, even in their final stage of growth, do not hire freshers in large numbers. On the other hand, the number of freshers applying to each startup is huge. Hence, you must be absolutely sure of what value you bring to the table and need to clearly elucidate this. And it’s not just about what value you think you bring but about whether the startup really needs that!

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