Things to know before choosing digital marketing as your career..-0

Things to know before choosing digital marketing as your career..

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Thinking of a career in digital marketing in India? You have come to the right place. This article will offer insight on how you can build your career in digital marketing and land you with the right job.

To start with, the Web has been around for well over a decade now, experiencing euphoric early expansion, an economic driven bust, an innovation – driven rebirth, and constant evolution along the way. One thing is certain: the Web as a communication and commercial medium is here to stay. For many people, it’s a call to action, a new career opportunity, an incentive to keep up with competitors, or just a chance to get stuff out there for the world to see. But the world of digital marketing can also seem overwhelming.

We’re talking Digital India today. But organizations across industries have been waking to the high ROI of digital marketing since the last few years now. Take any start up today – digital marketing is empowering them to compete against larger, conventional players at a far lower cost. Larger players across IT, healthcare, hospitality, etc., are realizing digital media is ideal to engage and nurture customers for referrals and retention. There is a significant gap in demand and supply of digital marketers today.

Understanding Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the fast moving, most innovative and creative marketing platform which makes use of electronic medium such as internet. Digital Marketing encompasses significant and strategic measures to promote your business online. Due to a rapid growth of internet users globally, digital marketing is becoming a great significance part of marketing strategy to the right people.

Digital media has grown to a different level in these days and age as it cannot be denied that the digital world has dominated over many aspects compared to offline marketing. Marketing via digital means is also extremely economical. It’s key to adapt your digital marketing strategy accordingly. The primary objective of digital marketing is the process of building and maintaining customer relationships through online activities to facilitate increase in traffic, customer engagement, improved ROI and deliverable’s being consumer satisfaction.

In simplest terms, digital marketing is the art of attracting people in need of your product/service, bringing them to your website or other channels, conveying the message of how you/your company can fulfil their needs, converting them and making them happy. Earlier, these people used traditional channels but now they spend most of their time in digital and social media.

Channels of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing channels are not limited to Google search, social media, email, mobile, content, and analytics. Digital marketing is either: done in-house (companies might hire people for their own or clients’ digital marketing needs) outsourced to specialized digital marketing agencies given to consultants. If you are getting into digital, you could work in either capacity.

The channels again could be:

  • Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.. )
  • Search Engine optimization (SEO) / Free listings
  • Search Marketing – Pay Per Click (PPC), Display ads, Google Adwords, video ads, YouTube ads, rich media ads, remarketing
  • Social media – Earned or Free
  • Social media marketing – Paid ads such as Facebook ads, Twitter ads
  • Content – Content is not a channel, content is what goes into your website, blog, social media channels, ads etc
  • Email – Organically built email list
  • Mobile – Mobile is not a channel, but a platform
  • Web Analytics – Google analytics, Insights

Career Scope in India

India is third largest when it comes to Internet users. Due to this every small to large brands are using Digital Marketing to reach more and more consumers in India. These companies will require skilled professionals who can plan, implement, execute and optimize digital marketing. Many small companies will outsource their marketing process to digital marketing. Due to this new trend, there will be huge opportunities of digital marketing career in India.

Those interested to make digital marketing as their career should understand that there are no etched-in-stone requirements for this field. Most of the employers consider experience and the related skills are to be more important than college degrees. In fact, practical knowledge can go a long way when a person wants to become a digital marketing consultant.

Whatever the motivation, the first question is always the same. Where do I start..?. It may seem like there is an overwhelming amount of stuff to learn and it’s not easy to know where to jump in. But you have to start somewhere.

Currently in our nation, the number of professionals having knowledge of digital marketing is much less than the actual requirements. It is very hard for any fresher to find a job paying good salary no matter how skilled he/she is. In contradiction to that, professionals who have required skill to become qualified digital marketing professional have very high demand in job market and they get paid handsome salaries.  There is still a great room for growth in this field and the careers in the field of digital marketing can be exceptionally rewarding.

Benefits of Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is going to stay for another 10 years or till people stop using internet. But Digital Marketing will become more and more difficult in future. As more and more number of companies will use digital marketing for promoting their business, they will require specialists, experts, professionals who can work for them, they will need staff that can make digital marketing plan, campaign, promote their business on Internet, Social media, Mobile and other digital platform.

Those who will choose Digital Marketing as their career today will grow much faster than those who will choose traditional career like accounting and office admin or back-office jobs.

  • You don’t have to travel all the places
  • You don’t get bored doing same things
  • You come to office or even can work from home
  • You get to learn new things every time in digital marketing

Who can learn Digital Marketing?

  • College Fresher’s, Students of Final or Pre – Final Year.
  • Students with BBA, BMS, BA, BCA, MCA, BSc can also learn.
  • Sales Professionals, Marketing Professionals.
  • Working women, non-working female.

Job profiles in Digital Marketing

There are more than 30 job profiles available under Digital Marketing. After learning Digital Marketing you can choose any of following job profiles depending on your skills, abilities, educational qualifications etc.

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Manager or Team Leader
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Digital Marketing Trainer
  • SEO and Adwords Expert
  • Social Media Marketing Executive
  • PPC Expert / SEM Expert
  • SEO Manager / SEO Account Manager
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager or Community Manager
  • Content Writer / Copy Writer
  • Blogger and Affiliate Marketer
  • Digital marketing Consultant
  • SEO Expert
  • SEO Executive
  • Linkedin Specialist
  • Email Marketing Executive
  • SMS Marketing Executive
  • E – Commerce Marketing Specialist
  • Chief Marketing Officer (Digital marketing)
  • Mobile Marketing Specialist
  • Online community manager
  • Analytics Expert
  • And many…

When you start your career, you might be specializing in one area such as SEO. But based on your interest or business need, you can also learn and get into social media, PPC, analytics, mobile, content, etc. For a senior role like Digital marketing managers, companies will expect you to know all the above channels, manage a team, allocate budget and work with an agency if necessary.

Salary & growth

A well qualified and trained digital marketing engineer earns an average salary of around 3 Lakh to 8 Lakh per annum. However, those who do not have any formal training usually get a starting salary of around 10K to 15K per month. The experience has an influential effect on the salary paid to the professional. Professionals having more than 10 years of experience have found themselves sitting at good high level managerial positions in companies. The studies indicate that the pay scale scenario in this field is much better than many other fields.

Now that you have all the information, you can get started on your career in Digital Marketing. I hope you found this article useful. Please share if you find it useful for someone you care for…

Disclaimer: The content we share here might be based on our research, understanding, it might vary from Industry, region, company, please do your own research.

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