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Why Co-working Might Not Be a Good Idea for Your Start-Up?

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Co-working, the term that’s exciting most of the start-ups these days! Yes, co-working is progressing in the way to become the new future for start-ups as most of the cash strapped companies are opting for co-working to avoid huge rents and advance payments for a dedicated office space of their own.

But, how good is this co-working strategy to save money? Aren’t these start-ups restricting themselves to a small boundary? Do these companies really think if it’s their cup of tea before getting into a co-working space? Is co-working the only way to reduce the initial investment for a business?

Definitely not! It might not be a good idea for your start-up if saving initial costs is the only reason for you to opt for co-working.

Here’s why it might not be a good choice for start-ups.


Every start-up starts with a vision to accomplish something in their field, for which the employees must be more focused on the work. Do you really think your employees will be able to be focused on their work in a co-working space?
Definitely not for a long time! Co-working space is where we can see employees from different sectors. What you do might be a distraction for others and it’s same the other way round. If yours is a creative agency, it’s strictly a NO for co-working space where there is no room for creative thoughts. Imagine yourself assigned some creative task, and your co-worker is blabbering over the phone. Will you be able to complete the task successfully? Your answer says it all.

2. People PEEP

PEEPS are what that disturb employees the most. Even in a private, dedicated office space the employees feel it uncomfortable to be working if someone is standing next to them looking at their computers. When this is the case, you can imagine the scenario if it’s a co-working space where there are lots of people from different industries. What happens is, the employees just hover their mouse around and wait till the person moves away from them. It’s not the matter of confidentiality, but the matter of employees being comfortable, and this is one of the reasons for employees preferring cubicles over open spaces.

3. Co-working can also be COSTLY

Co-working spaces which are located in sophisticated areas can cost you more than that of having a dedicated office space. When cost saving is the only reason for you to get there, it absolutely doesn’t make any sense to pay more and stay there instead of moving into your own space. Some co-working spaces may increase the rent over time, which later makes you feel it would have been better if you had a rented office space of your own. Of course, co-working spaces are available for low rents, but the services, utilities and sense of freedom makes you think of having an office space of your own.

4. CHANGE is the only constant

This line perfectly describes the co-working space as it seems to be very true. Co-working spaces keep changing quite often. You don’t really feel like it’s the same place you worked the previous day. Few co-working spaces are so volatile that they don’t even have some fixed chairs. The favorite chair with which you are comfortable might not be in the same place the next day. Not just the things change, but also the people. The one who sits next to you will no longer be there the next day. So if you are looking for an office space with no daily surprises, co-working is not for you.

5. Not as your company office!

If your employees are adjusted to a dedicated office environment, it’s really a hard thing for them to manage their tasks in a co-working space. They expect the space to be the same as their own company office, which is not at all possible. Employees expect some guidance and support from their co-workers in handling the projects. But in a co-working space, finding co-workers who is in the same field as yours itself is a difficult thing. Even if you find, you can’t expect the same support as you do in your own company. So, what else if not co-working? This is the question that’s drilling your mind right now, isn’t it?

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